New Construction Down Payment Assistance Program – Builder Grant 100% LTV

The Down Payment Assistance Program that has been here forever and is not going anywhere

Worried about the economy? Worried about Down Payment Assistance Programs are gone or on the rocks?

I still can provide Down Payment Assistance Programs STILL and FREE through our FREE Builder Grant Loans.

The way it works is just like any Down Payment Assistance Program you have used in the past (Nehemiah, Ameridream or Genesis)

Quick Recap for those who haven’t:

  • A Way for the Seller to contribute towards the down payment which is normally not allowed on Government or Conventional Concessions. Normal concessions only contribute towards Closing Costa dn Pre-paids.

Builder Grant Program Perks:

  1. Can contribute up to 6% of the Sales Price
  2. NO TRANSFER FEE (unlike most DAPS which charge between $300-$400 dollars)
  3. Transferred on the HUD at closing
  4. Less Paperwork and Less Stressful

So if you are a Builder or a Home Buyer looking for a new alternative to Financing New Construction Homes without giving away the bank and still want to take advantage of 100% LTV loans then contact me today for further information.


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